Calming Yin

A deeply nourishing Yin yoga practice, which works with shapes, breath and stillness to remove the blockages deep in the connective tissues.

Yin sequences are specifically designed to exercise the ligaments and regain strength and space in the joints, perfectly complimenting ‘yang’ practices which target and strengthen the muscles. Yin and Yang cannot exist without each other, and harmony and health are created when conditions arise where the contrasting aspects are in balance.

By holding shapes for between 1 – 5 minutes, remaining still and passive throughout, we begin the healing process of directing the flow of qi (or prana) along invisible pathways in the body (meridians) to specific parts of the body. This meditative practice cultivates yin-like qualities in the body, breath and mind, and serves as a deeply healing, complimentary practice which everyone can benefit from.

Difficulty level:

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